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Multi-Client Warehousing focuses on working with clients as their reliable and flexible west coast distribution partner. As a west coast distribution hub, Novo is here to offer a service that allows for just the amount of warehousing space a company needs to utilize, no more and no less.

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Novo Logistics has developed a creative logistics solution for our facility that maximizes efficiency, while holding quality and safety to the highest standards. What previously required multiple vendors, now is accomplished with one vendor and has far exceeded the value and quality we were previously receiving. Based on our strong partnership with Novo Logistics, we view them as an essential part of all business plans going forward.

Supply Chain Manager, Fortune 500 Retail

I was impressed with how effective and smooth the RMS (Novo) implementation was at our site. The RMS (Novo) approach to the implementation was both structured and process-driven. If issues arose, they were addressed with complete transparency and a sense of urgency. Since the implementation, the RMS (Novo) team has proven to be an engaged partner in our business. By driving quality and productivity improvement initiatives, the RMS (Novo) team has been a key reason our team has exceeded our quarterly goals for the past 3 quarters. Within their area of responsibility, the RMS (Novo) team has set the standard for productivity within the network. I consider RMS (Novo) a true partner.

Anonymous Retail Partner

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From Missing the Mark to a Benchmark Facility

From Missing the Mark to a Benchmark Facility

A Case Study for Novo Logistics Overview In 2017, the Novo Ardmore site went through quite the change, from operating in a facility connected to the production plant to moving into a warehouse that better suited the customer’s need for adequate space.   Upon...