Third-Party Logistics Solutions Created and Adapted for Your Company’s Specific Needs

Novo Logistics gives your company space to grow—literally. With our specialized network of business storage space, logistics, and distribution services, Novo is your number partner for reliable and flexible space solutions.

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Better Logistics with Novo

Novo Logistics works with our clients as their reliable and flexible continental US distribution partner. As a distribution hub, we utilize multiple strategies to get you the space and workflow your business needs — no more and no less.

Warehousing Services and 3PL Solutions

Warehousing and 3PL Solutions

Warehousing services and 3PL solutions optimize supply chains by providing comprehensive storage, inventory management, and distribution capabilities. With third-party logistics services, businesses can outsource warehousing and transportation to our team of experienced professionals. This strategic partnership will enhance flexibility, scalability, and access to advanced technology, streamlining operations and reducing costs. Our 3PL warehousing services ensure efficient movement of goods throughout the supply chain, improving overall performance.

Local & Last-Mile Delivery

Local & Last-Mile Delivery

Our local delivery logistics and last-mile delivery services ensure swift and efficient product transportation. We’ll handle the final stages of delivery, from local distribution centers to customers’ doorsteps. Using advanced technology and route optimization, your business can streamline the last mile, reducing costs and meeting customer expectations. At Novo, we provide seamless final-mile delivery solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and strengthening your brand reputation.

Cross-Docking Solutions


Trust our cross-docking services to streamline your supply chain operations by transferring goods directly from incoming to outgoing vehicles. Cross docking logistics will eliminate the need for storage, reducing costs and expediting order fulfillment. With improved order accuracy, enhanced agility, and real-time inventory visibility, cross docking solutions provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to optimize logistics processes and gain a competitive advantage.

On-Plant & Manufacturing Logistics

Case Picking

Pick and pack warehousing optimizes how your business handles shipment orders. By selecting entire cases of products, Novo’s pick and pack solutions enhance order accuracy and operational efficiency. Utilizing skilled personnel and in-house inventory systems, businesses can efficiently manage products and ensure timely order fulfillment. The picking and packing process in warehouses by Novo Logistics is the surest way to get your clients the product they need—fast.

Yard & Shuttle Management

Order Fulfillment

Novo’s warehouse fulfillment services and 3PL order fulfillment streamline the process of processing and delivering customer orders. Our order fulfillment services are handled by trained and dedicated personnel to optimize inventory management, improve operational efficiency, and ensure accurate and timely order fulfillment. Your business can focus on core operations while our expertise and infrastructure handle order fulfillment efficiently.

Value-Add Services

In order to grow, you have to do more of what you do best — and that’s where we come in. Novo is here to manage the day-to-day aspects of your logistics by delivering support, reliability, and knowledgeable service. Value-add services are a way for you to outsource the aspects of your operation that are difficult to manage in-house, from managing inventory to handling overflow, so you can focus on the core components of your business.
  • Relabeling
  • Labeling
  • Rework
  • Sequencing
  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Sub-assembly
  • Just-in-time logistics

Novo Logistics Locations (Serving Continental US)

With an expansive network and high-powered business operations, Novo Logistics is proud to serve our clients around the country. You can find our support hubs in the following locations: 

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Novo Logistics prides itself on improving our operations to drive continuous success, allowing our client partners to save time and money and focus on other business aspects while we do the rest. Learn more about what Novo Logistics can do for you and join our network of superior service.

The Novo Difference

Continuously fine-tuning our support by implementing innovative and refined processes to better your operations. We improve the customer experience through transparency, authenticity, and a steadfast work ethic. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the management of your supply chain — from start to finish. We’ll do the heavy lifting so your business can find better efficiency, cost savings, & increased value.

An experience built on transparency, authenticity, and steadfast work

Dedication from our team and our operations from start to finish

Focus on your growth while we do the heavy lifting

Increase supply chain reliability for you and your customers

Streamline inventory management, delivery, and storage

Improved operational efficiency resulting in improved ROI

Why Our Clients Choose Novo as Their Logistics Partner

Our clients are our partners and every step of our operation is designed to make their lives easier and their business more profitable. Listen to what they have to say about the Novo difference and why we’re their preferred logistics and distribution solution.

Novo Logistics has developed a creative logistics solution for our facility that maximizes efficiency, while holding quality and safety to the highest standards. What previously required multiple vendors, now is accomplished with one vendor and has far exceeded the value and quality we were previously receiving. Based on our strong partnership with Novo Logistics, we view them as an essential part of all business plans going forward.

Supply Chain Manager, Fortune 500 Retail

I was impressed with how effective and smooth the RMS (Novo) implementation was at our site. The RMS (Novo) approach to the implementation was both structured and process-driven. If issues arose, they were addressed with complete transparency and a sense of urgency. Since the implementation, the RMS (Novo) team has proven to be an engaged partner in our business. By driving quality and productivity improvement initiatives, the RMS (Novo) team has been a key reason our team has exceeded our quarterly goals for the past 3 quarters. Within their area of responsibility, the RMS (Novo) team has set the standard for productivity within the network. I consider RMS (Novo) a true partner.

Anonymous Retail Partner

Be Part of the Novo Team

From top to bottom, we’re fortunate to have a dedicated team unified by excellence, diligence, and dignity. As we continue to raise the bar, developing innovative solutions for increasingly complex problems, we’re proud to be expanding our team to consistently drive results and uphold our standards for quality and efficiency. To view current opportunities at all of our nationwide locations and apply, please click "Apply Now."

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Novo prides itself on improving our operations to drive continuous success, allowing our partners to save time and money by focusing on core business practices while we handle the rest. Schedule a call with our Sales Representatives to learn more about Novo Logistics solutions and see what our business can do for yours.

Novo Logistics Case Studies

3rd party logistics providers make a difference. Novo has changed the way that many of our patterns do business, opening up new revenue opportunities while streamlining the storage and distribution process. Read our case studies to see what Novo Logistics has done for our partners — and what we can do for you.

Multiclient Warehouse Services

Multiclient Warehouse Services

Northern's Nevada Multiclient Warehousing At the Novo site in northern Nevada, we currently work with 15 customers in our Multiclient Warehouse. Out of these 15, 6 of our clients require services in additional to the baseline pallet storage. We provide these customers...