2020 at Novo Logistics, A Best in Business Year

Happy New Year! 2020 was an exciting year for Novo Logistics, a year of growth, a year of expanding services, and a whole new chapter in business and brand. 

Over the eventful 2020 year, we accomplished four exciting milestones at Novo:

  • A full rebrand and new business name
  • Great business expansion across the United States
  • Growth in our service offerings and what we can do for our partners
  • And a Best in Business award!

We’re proud of the year we had at Novo Logistics and look forward to continuing our growth, partnerships, and success into this new year, as well.

2nd Place, 2020 Best In Business for Manufacturing & Logistics

We were thrilled to be nominated for Northern Nevada Business Weekly’s 2020 Best in Business awards. Novo was in the run for the Best in Business Manufacturing and Logistics category. After months of voting from our wonderful supporters, Novo Logistics is honored to have won 2nd place for all of northern Nevada’s manufacturing and logistics industry.

This award means a great deal to the entire team at Novo, proving to us that our continuous hard work and dedication to this company is paying off and is certainly recognized by our northern Nevada community, by our partners, and by our supporters.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us among the 2020 Best in Business awards and to all who have partnered with Novo and have continued to support our growing business. And, of course, a much appreciated thank you to our entire Novo Logistics team, the ones who are there working hard to make moments like this possible for this company.

The Launch of Novo

While ending the year with an exciting 2nd place Best in Business award was a highlight of the year, 2020 also started off in an exciting way for this company as well. At the beginning of the 2020 year, we were in works of becoming Novo Logistics. 

Rebranding our company and launching not only a new brand but a whole new name made for exciting changes. Growing from RMS into what is now Novo Logistics has been a thrilling experience. We now have the brand and name that truly complements the hard work we do for our partners, and we’re proud to have launched and shown off the new Novo brand over the 2020 year.

Expanding Across the Logistics Industry

We’ve been working in logistics for quite some time now, offering warehousing, value-add services, manufacturing logistics, and labor solutions to our partners, but in 2020 we made big steps forward into a unique service we’re proud to offer our current and future partners.

Last year, Novo Logistics launched our Multi-Client Warehousing service, offering west coast distribution to nationwide companies. As a west coast distribution hub, Novo is here to offer a service that allows for just the amount of warehousing space a company needs to utilize, no more and no less.

In addition to adding Multi-Client Warehousing to our list of services, Novo expanded our partnerships further across the United States and have some exciting projects in the works that we will announce in 2021.

Thanks For Partnering With Novo!

Thanks for a great year, partners, northern Nevada Best in Business voters, employees, and Novo supporters. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and success in 2021 and beyond!