A Maintenance Services Case Study Completed for Novo Logistics


Beginning in May 2020, Novo took over the Ardmore Warehouse’s Maintenance Services. Prior to the takeover, the service area struggled with organization and maintaining proper working condition.  

Post-Novo possession, the company has given the maintenance facility much-needed renovations. In-house maintenance services are now provided through Novo at the site in Ardmore, OK with hopes to expand to a new location in the near future.  


Prior to Novo taking possession of the maintenance services, the maintenance shop had complications throughout the space: 

  • Unorganized maintenance shop for equipment and parts 
  • Oil left on maintenance floor 
  • Unclear walkways and signage 
  • Trash and used oil left around the facility 
  • Unorganized office space 


Beginning May 1, 2020, Novo took possession of the space and cleaned it out to begin correcting prior issues. An epoxy floor coating was done by Novo and floor markings were painted on to BIB standards, along with designated forklift repair spaces.  

The VCM was also in poor condition, so Novo rebuilt and fixed it to run smoothly and efficiently. Team leaders purchased the eMaint program and implemented a Work Order and Inventory tracking process to help with the organization process within the facility.  


The Novo Ardmore Maintenance Services Team now provides 24/7 in-house maintenance coverage for forklift, loading equipment, conveyer, and dock doors. They are also instituting a preventative maintenance program for all equipment.