Dedicated & Multi Client Warehousing

As your company grows in size, expands to new regions, and tests new products, you need warehousing solutions that are fit just for you. At Novo, we’re your partner, and you can have confidence that a team is behind you supporting your growth. Whether you’re looking for an entire operation dedicated to you or a shared space for only what you need, we’re here to find a solution—whatever it is.

Dedicated Warehousing

  • Complete warehouse operations
  • Warehouse management system to support operations and integrate with our clients
  • Measure operations with Key Performance Indicators
  • Drive continuous improvement in the business to deliver efficiencies and savings to our clients

Multi-Client Warehousing

  • Shared space for clients that don’t need a dedicated facility to support their business
  • Seasonal overflow space

Warehousing Services include:

  • Receiving/Putaway/Picking/Shipping
  • Inventory management and cycle counting
  • Quality standards to include audits
  • Packaging
  • Kitting
  • Bundling
  • Inspection
  • Labeling
  • Sequencing


    In order to grow, you have to do more of what you do best—and that’s where we come in. Novo is here to manage the day-to-day aspects of your logistics, delivering support, reliability, and vast service. Let the focus of your team be put towards sustainable growth and ultimate success, while we work to strengthen your supply chain.

    Put Us To Work

    • Relabeling
    • Packaging
    • Sequencing
    • Kitting
    • Inspection
    • Pick-pack
    • E-commerce fulfillment
    • Rework
    • Sub-assembly