Local & Last-Mile Delivery

When that critical moment has arrived and you have a time-sensitive delivery in the area, Novo is there for you. We’re your team of partners ready to support your business, whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment “hot shot” box truck delivery or a recurring multi-pallet weekly appointment that must be met, trust Novo Logistics to complete the final mile and keep your customers happy.

Local & Last-Mile Delivery Services We Provide

Final mile delivery service can make all the difference between a product that sounds good on paper, and a satisfied customer on the other end of the order form. By getting your goods out for their final delivery destination, Novo Logistics is looking out for your customers and your business’ reputation. Some of the many benefits of our local delivery & logistics services include:

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Professional and courteous drivers

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Expedited shipments

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Local scheduled deliveries

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Personalized customer service

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Dry van or box truck with liftgate

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Storage trailers

Value-Add Services

In order to grow, you have to do more of what you do best — and that’s where we come in. Novo is here to manage the day-to-day aspects of your logistics by delivering support, reliability, and knowledgeable service.

Value-add services are a way for you to outsource the aspects of your operation that are difficult to manage in-house, from managing inventory to handling overflow, so you can focus on the core components of your business.

When it comes to growing your business and keeping your customers happy, the final mile matters most. Trust your local delivery logistics to Novo and see what we can do for you.

  • Relabeling
  • Labeling
  • Rework
  • Sequencing
  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Sub-assembly
  • Just-in-time logistics
Value-Add Services

Novo Logistics Locations (Serving Continental US)

With an expansive network and high-powered business operations, Novo Logistics is proud to serve our clients around the country. You can find our support hubs in the following locations: 

Why Our Clients Choose Novo as Their Logistics Partner

Novo Logistics is proud to be the first choice in business warehousing storage and logistics solutions for our vast network of partners. Our award-winning approach to helping our clients manage their inventory, space, and order fulfillment means they spend less time worrying about the details and more time building their client relations, bettering their service, and generally growing their businesses. Learn more about what our partners say about working with Novo and be the next to join us!

“If it wasn’t for Novo Logistics my start up company wouldn’t have survived, especially with Covid. They take great care and handle my inventory and finished products like they are their own.  They are immediately responsive and make us great.  We’ve now moved onto working with some of the largest companies in our industry and I am happy I can continue to heavily rely on Novo Logistics for our assembly and logistical needs”

Joey Mares, Owner of Peep No More

“Our experience with Novo has been incredibly enjoyable. Their smooth implementation at our site was both structured and creative. If problems ever were to arise, Novo alleviated them with ease. Their adherence to safety protocol went above and beyond our expectations and has been a key reason our team has had such positive relations. Novo continuously sets and goes beyond the standard of excellence in performance and relationship. The entire team exemplifies what a partnership is about!”

Pete Bednarzyk

“When we bought an ecommerce company a few years ago, I feared that the  warehousing and fulfillment operations were going to be very time consuming. Novo has provided great value by taking that off our plate so we can focus on growth. Their team has also helped us deal with supplier mistakes to keep sales fulfillment running smoothly.”

Steve Olson, Owner of Dayclocks

Frequently Asked Questions About Local & Last-Mile Delivery

What Is the Importance of Local and Last-Mile Delivery in the Supply Chain?

Local and last-mile delivery is crucial as it represents the final stage of the delivery process, directly impacting customer satisfaction. It ensures that products reach customers quickly, efficiently, and in good condition.

What Are the Key Challenges in Local and Last-Mile Delivery?

Some challenges in local and last-mile delivery include navigating through dense urban areas, dealing with traffic congestion, ensuring accurate address information, managing the logistics of individual customer preferences, and optimizing delivery routes for efficiency.

What Technologies Are Used in Local and Last-Mile Delivery?

Local and last-mile delivery depends on a robust network of route optimization software and GPS tracking systems, allowing for improved driver/customer communication to finalize deliveries, update locations, and handle problems quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Efficient Local and Last-Mile Delivery?

Local and last-mile delivery is the final step in getting goods where they need to go, and often requires drivers to navigate residential areas and private delivery locations. Contracting a 3rd-party logistics company to handle this type of delivery service results in faster delivery times, better customer satisfaction, and enhanced business reputation.

How Can Businesses Ensure Sustainable Local and Last-Mile Delivery?

Sustainable delivery practices include a range of creative strategies including the use of electric or low-emission vehicles, fuel-optimized driving practices, waste reduction protocols, and—where appropriate—alternate delivery methods including bike and pedestrian delivery.

What Trends Are Shaping the Future of Local and Last-Mile Delivery?

Emerging trends in local and last-mile delivery include the use of drones and autonomous vehicles, the growth of crowdsourced delivery models, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for route optimization, and the rise of contactless or unattended delivery options to accommodate changing customer preferences.

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