Novo works with retail clients across the country, offering a wide range of services, including transportation, warehousing, contingent labor, yard management and more. One of the more specialized services we offer our retail clients is called, coincidentally, non-retail. 

Non-retail encompasses everything customers would find in a store that is not for sale. This includes everything from shelving and scaffolding to cash registers and grocery cart corrals (it even includes the carts themselves). 

When a retail store is doing an initial setup (or a reset), there are a lot of materials necessary to create a full store layout. We’ve been in this space for 15+ years, and we’ve seen some major setups that require behind-the-scenes logistics and scheduling to ensure the store’s build-team has what they need, at the time they need it. 

In addition to full on initial store setups, another common scenario is department resets. When this happens, all stores across the country are likely to change over a certain department to prepare for, say, a holiday. Or, in many cases, management will have reason to redesign a department, and ensure that department has consistency across the country. 

In this case, Novo will receive all the necessary components for all the department redesigns within the region and then consolidate the pieces into “kits” that then go out to each retail location in a nice package.And, just as with a initial store setup, we will ensure delivery at the right time so the construction teams are in the right location and ready to build and install the department displays at the optimal scheduled time.  

Our non-retail solutions are customizable based on size, scope, timing, number of stores in the region and more–allowing us to tailor the most efficient system for our clients. If you have non-retail needs, contact Novo to discuss your specific needs and we’ll be happy to walk through all possible options.