A Case Study for Novo Logistics


In 2017, the Novo Ardmore site went through quite the change, from operating in a facility connected to the production plant to moving into a warehouse that better suited the customer’s need for adequate space.  

Upon the move into the new warehouse, major difficulties came about that included electric, roofing, and equipment availability issues. Unfortunately, the new warehouse was not yet in a primed condition to house Novo, nor the customer’s product, and make it possible to work as efficiently and collaboratively as possible.  

After work and renovations, this location went from narrowly meeting goals to becoming a benchmark location for the customer. 


When Novo went into the site, it became apparent that there were major issues throughout the building: 

  • Poor electric system 
  • Inadequate lighting for nighttime work  
  • Water leaks through the walls and ceiling 
  • No offices, bathrooms, or a breakroom inside for employees 
  • The warehouse was not set up for operations: no signage or makings, items placed sporadically with only temporary markings  
  • The system was outdated and showing items inside the warehouse as being at the plant 

These problems began to damage the work relationship as many meetings had to take place to resolve issues.  


Novo’s team leaders took videos and pictures showing the customer the conditions taking place in the warehouse. These visuals led the customer to send representatives to the site to better understand the situation and help to devise a solution. A team was put together to get the site back up to standard by physically and systematically moving pallets to new locations within the warehouse and creating a more efficient work environment.  

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By fall of 2018, the site had offices, functioning bathrooms, and a breakroom for team members to enjoy. Once Novo was able to change the perception of the warehouse, they were able to gain support and make a great turnaround in morale and productivity for the team.  

“At the end of the day, the team is the one that drives productivity and keeps us successful.”

Buck Robertson


The Novo Ardmore site has gone from struggling to meet the customer’s needs to exceeding them and becoming a benchmark for the company. The warehouse is now 100% Novo run, with only one liaison in place to ensure communication with the customer. Members from other sites are now often sent to Ardmore to train under their team’s direction.  

Each day, team members strive for improvement, holding morning meetings that start each day with a plan to push forward. Team appreciation is always one of the most important aspects at the site and is an on-going project to boost relationships and morale.  

Novo strives to manage in the best interest of the company and themselves to ensure they are maintaining not only a great relationship with the customer, but also with their team members. As said by General Manager, Buck Robertson, “At the end of the day, the team is the one that drives productivity and keeps us successful”.  

Upon the resolution to the warehouse issues, Novo achieved a renewal bid and extended a five-year contract with the customer, going to show that Novo’s top priority is to retain an on-going and building relationship with customers.